Natural sausage casing delivered by our company
 is ecologically clean and safe product.

EUROCASING is one of the largest Russian companies,

engaged in deliveriesof natural sausage casing

from the largest world producersto meat-processing

plants of the Russian Federation.EUROCASING Company

is the official member of International

Natural Sausage Casing Association (INSCA),

which unites more than 200 companies from 40 countries.

Direct deliveries, work directly with producers,careful control

of incoming product and outgoing inspection at production

allow us to have the most exact information about product

quality and to support it at the highest level.

Sausage casing delivered by our company is ecologically
clean and safe product. It is confirmed by regular laboratory
researches, strict observance of veterinary and sanitary requirements
during production, transportation and storage, and also by constant
control from the state veterinary and sanitary services.

Thanks to modern processing methods, the uniform quality standards

and sanitary standards, EUROCASING Company achieved high quality

of natural casing production at own production complex,

implemented systemof natural casing quality control allows to

meet all the requirements of producers of sausages.

The history of use of a natural casing for production of sausages

totals centuries, and also now it is the most widespread type of casing

for sausages production.

It is thanks to the unique properties of natural casing, such as:

- Good results of smoking thanks to a fine moisture and smoke permeability
- High strength and elasticity allow to use it on a modern automated equipment.
- Similarity of physical-mechanical and biological properties of a natural casing with properties of sausage forcemeat allows to use the optimum technological modes and conditions at production of sausages.
- Unique consumer properties of sausages: it is enough to remember the crackling sound when biting a sausage and its tempting aroma and appetizing appearance.

After all, not without reason the majority of premium quality products are made with the use of a natural casing.