Clear Choice casing is a new product in the Russian market.

EUROCASING Company is the exclusive supplier of "NITTA" casing in the Russian Federation.

Clear ChoiceTM casing is a new product of NITTA CASINGS Inc., which was officially presented at IFFA 2013 exhibition. This sausage casing first of all is meant to replace sheep rounds at meat-processing plants.

Besides Clear Choice casing has the following advantages:

forming on twisters and automated lines, stability of stuffing caliber,

bacterial purity, less time for heat treatment, reduction of thermal loss,

attractive appearance, and pleasing crackle when biting.

Recommendations for use

This sausage casing is completely ready for use and doesn't need additional preparation before forming.


Clear ChoiceTM casing may be used on filling machines or filling-dosing machines with twisters of various types.

Hermetically sealed package is opened just before the beginning

of casing filling with minced meat. ATTENTION:

Stuffing parameters

When hanging sausages on frames it is necessary to check weight of each loop, it shouldn’t exceed 0, 5 kg.

Not used, remained casing should be hermetically packed to avoid drying. /p>

Without original package the casing should be stored not more than 24 hours..

Casing caliber. mm Stuffing caliber. mm Stuffing tube number

Heat treatment
Depending on heat chamber type, casing caliber and type of product the mode can be changed.

StepTime, min. Temperature, *СHumidity, RH%
Drying1658не задается
Evacuation1-не задается
Spraying20 (till 12 *C in the center of a sausage) --

Storage time and requirements
This casing is to be stored in the original package at a temperature of 15-20 *C and relative air humidity of 60-70%, at a distance of 1 metre from heaters. If storage conditions are fulfilled casing shelf life is 12 months.